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We created Leolotrad in 2016 as a collaborative workspace shared among several translators with a long professional record in the field of international organizations, mainly in what is known as the United Nations system.

We did not want Leolotrad to be a regular agency. Instead, we were looking for a space where we could enjoy our work collaborating in a horizontal way with other colleagues with similar experience a proven professional record. We wanted to choose projects in line with our philosophy, our values and our professional standards.

With that in mind, we developed the concept of Cotranslating. For us, cotranslating means commitment, consistency and connection.

In the same way that different people come together for a common purpose, a version is created that is faithful to and in proportion with its original, and that meets the expectations of those who entrusted the translator with the text. Cotranslating is also about cooperation, collaboration and communication, because we believe that these concepts guide the way we work.

We have specialized in the international organizations because we believe in the relevance of multilingualism for the promotion of human rights, conflict prevention and the improvement of living conditions

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Code of ethics

Leolotrad endorses the principles of professional ethics established in the Professional Code and the Code for Contractual Translation of the International Association of Conference Translators and applies the fees recommended by the Association. We are respectful of the working conditions of our colleagues and do believe that responsible compensation policies and fair rates must govern the various types of outsourcing (telework, contractual translation, etc.). Therefore, we will not tender for translation contracts at the lowest cost, and we intend to contribute to improving the situation of the profession.

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