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Freelance Translator
Grade level T-III in the United Nations System.


Mother tongue: Spanish
Working languages: English, French and Italian

+41 (0)7 94 89 66 71
+34 626 262 773

Graduate in Law (5 years, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 1990)


Spanish Philology at the Universidad a Distancia, Madrid (1992)


Master’s Degree in Translation (English into Spanish) by Instituto de Lenguas y Traductores de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid (1990-1992)


Postgraduate Courses in Linguistic Anthropology (1997-1999)


Since 1992: Freelance Translator

From English and French into Spanish: ILO (external and in-house translator since 2004 at the Translation Service, the Standards Department, the International Labour Review and at the ILC sessions since 2004); ITU (in-house translator 2005-2007); PAHO (in-house translator and précis writer in 2009 and 2010); UNEP-UNFMS (external translator 2008-2011); UNOG (in-house translator in September 2006 and March 2007); and IOM (external collaborator 2007-2009). Other Organizations and ONGs I have worked for as an external translator: WCC, International Amnesty, WIPO, AISS and WTO.

From Italian into Spanish: literary translations and external collaborator for the European Court of Human Rights (2008, 2009)

Other translation work experience (1992 - 2012):

35 books for Spanish Publishing Houses from among other authors: R.W. Emerson, Charles Dickens, J.M. Coetzee, Masuji Ibuse, Benjamin Disraeli, David Crystal, David Page, Paul Valery, Vito Fumagalli, Natalia Ginzburg, Scott Fitzgerald, etc.]; poetry [E.H. Housman, Anne Carson, H. Michaux]

15 books on Philosophy, Linguistics and Social Sciences (Debate, Cambridge University Press, Turner, Siglo XXI, Espasa Calpe, Akal, Alba). References available upon request.

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