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We are familiar with various fields of expertise, including human rights, labor law and the world of work, migration, intellectual property, public health, education and meteorology, to mention a few.

We translate all types of documents produced at the international organizations, including proceedings, reports and resolutions of meetings held by various bodies and committees, specialized texts intended for the general public and more technical documents, such as budgets or research papers.


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We use the linguistic resources produced by the organizations we work for (bitexts, termbases, specialized glossaries and style guides) and apply the professional judgment that we have acquired over the years to determine the reliability of the various sources.

Working Method

We assign a coordinator to each project and, through a rigorous work method based on crossed revisions and a strict quality control, we deliver translations with an excellent level of accuracy, reliability and internal coherence.

Our working method allows us to absorb a large volume of words in a short period of time, shortening turnaround times considerably, which can be attractive for complex and large texts.


We have the technical and technological resources required to participate in the competitive bidding processes conducted by the international organizations. Our network of experienced professional translators allows us to deliver long texts by a short deadline.

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